EDP Renewables 2013 Annual Report

GRI Report

This sustainability report responds to the GRI G3.1 Guidelines indicators, and also provides information on the additional electricity sector supplement indicators directly related to the company business, which is the power generation from renewable sources.

EDPR is not a traditional utility company, as its core business is based on generating electricity from renewable sources and does not include power distribution or power commercialization. As a result exceptions may exist for GRI and Sector Supplement indicators. We also consider as our final product the electricity produced by our wind energy assets. EDPR is committed to the progressive improvement of the information provided.

According to GRI Guidelines, this chapter presents sustainability performance indicators to describe the company’s performance in 2013 for each one of the applicable or material GRI indicators. This section also includes references to other chapters of this integrated report, so it can be used as an index to find the company’s management approach and strategy regarding specific topics. A complete GRI index can be found at