EDP Renewables 2013 Annual Report

Financial Debt


EDPR’s total Financial Debt decreased 213 million euros to 3.6 billion euros. Loans with EDP group account for 76% of the debt, while loans with financial institutions, mainly in the form of project finances, represented the remaining 24%. To continue to diversify its funding sources EDPR keeps on executing top quality projects enabling the company to secure local project finance at competitive costs. In 2013, EDPR signed two project finance transactions for a total of 112 million euros related to 130 MW of installed capacity in Poland.



As of December 2013, 59% of EDPR’s financial debt was Euro denominated, while 35% was funded in US Dollar due to the investment in the US and the remaining 6% is mostly related with debt in Polish Zloty and Brazilian Real.

EDPR’s debt has a long-term profile as 82% of the financial debt has a 2018 and beyond maturity. EDPR continues to follow a long-term fixed rate funding strategy and mitigate its interest rate risk by matching the operating cash-flow profile with its financial costs.

In addition to the long-term profile, stability in the average interest rate is a priority for controlling costs. 88% of the debt is financed based on a fixed rate debt profile and the average interest rate was stable at 5.2%.






Liabilities referred to as Institutional Partnerships decreased 106 million euros to 836 million euros, mainly due to tax benefits allocated to tax equity partners during the period and US Dollar depreciation.