EDP Renewables 2013 Annual Report

Reporting of Irregularities



EDPR has always carried out its activity by consistently implementing measures to ensure the good governance of its companies, including the prevention of incorrect practices, particularly in the areas of accounting and finance.

EDPR provides the Group workers with a channel enabling them to report directly and confidentially to the Audit and Control Committee any practice presumed illicit or any alleged accounting and/or financial irregularity in their Company, in compliance with the provisions of CMVM Regulation no. 4/2013.

With this channel for reporting irregular accounting and financial practices, EDPR aims:

  • Guaranteeing conditions that allow workers to freely report any concerns they may have in these areas to the Audit and Control Committee;
  • Facilitating the early detection of irregular situations which, if practised, might cause serious damage to the EDPR Group, its workers, customers, and shareholders.

Contact with the Company’s Audit and Control Committee is only possible by email and post, and access to information received is restricted.

Any complaint addressed to the Audit and Control Committee will be kept strictly confidential and the whistle- blower will remain anonymous, provided that this does not prevent the investigation of the complaint. S/he will be assured that the Company will not take any retaliatory or disciplinary action as a result of exercising his/her right to blow the whistle on irregularities, provide information, or assist in an investigation.

The Secretary of the Audit and Control Committee receives all the communications and presents a quarterly report to the members of the Committee.

In 2013 there were no communications regarding any irregularity with material impact at EDPR.


EDPR has a Code of Ethics published on its intranet, which includes principles like transparency, honesty, integrity, non-discrimination, equal opportunity, and sustainability.

The Code of Ethics has been widely circulated among employees of the Group through internal communications mechanisms, individual shipments, delivery to new employees, and intranet publishing.

There is a strong commitment by the Company in relation to the dissemination and promotion of compliance with the Code available to all employees through training, questionnaires, and open discussions of the findings.

There is also an Ethics Channel and Ethics Regulation to articulate any specific claims of the Code of Ethics and to resolve doubts on all matters relating to the Code of Ethics.

Communications regarding possible breaches of the Code of Ethics are sent to the Ethics Ombudsman, which performs a first analysis, forwarding its conclusion to the Ethics Committee of EDPR, which receives, records, processes, and reports to the Board of Directors.

In 2013 there were no communications to the Ethics Ombudsmen regarding any irregularity at EDPR.